The Bagg Lunch Diner - Homestyle Cookin' Served With a Side of Sass

679 Mast Rd. 
Pinardville, NH 03102
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Serving Fresh Seafood 
                                 Every Friday 'til 7pm...
                               Haddock, Clams, Scallops
Welcome to our Page!
My name is Tammy and I am the Proud owner of 
The Bagg Lunch...or "The Bagg" as the locals call us!
We are a full service diner and have everything from homemade baked beans and chicken pot pie to 
fresh cut fries and onion rings.
We serve breakfast all day, everyday...and don't miss out on our daily specials...they go fast!
Monday-Thursday 6:30am-2pm
Friday 6:30am-7pm
Saturday 7am-2pm
Sunday 7am-1pm
679 Mast Rd.
Pinardville, NH 03102
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In Loving Memory of my Grandfather Larry Bagg

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