The Bagg Lunch Diner - Homestyle Cookin' Served With a Side of Sass
Homemade Daily Specials
Starting at $6.95
These are definite specials every week and we like to throw a curve ball now and then...
so give us a call to see what else we've got up our sleeve!
Monday- Chinese Pie
Tuesday- Stuffed Pepper
Wednesday- Meatloaf Dinner
Thursday- Chicken Pot Pie
Friday- Fresh Seafood Starting at $11.95!
Homemade Soup Each Day!

We are your Breakfast Hot Spot on Saturday and Sunday, with our 
Homemade Sausage Gravy and Biscuits
Eggs Benedict or 
Full Bagg Breakfast 
We are sure to impress you!
 Our Breakfast is the best for miles! 
You Will Not Be Disappointed!


Make Sure You Save Room For Dessert!
Strawberry Shortcake or 
Bread Pudding! 
It's The Best!
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